Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring is Coming Early!

Okay, so it may still be freezing outside but I still want Spring to come early! I've been cooking up some new Springy items in hopes that the weather would cooperate. Check out some of the latest!

This is just a small variety of some of my springtime items.

I still can't get over the mini cupcakes. I've added glass glitter
to this one to resemble sugar.
Then I couldn't help but put it on
a tree. Now I have a cupcake tree for Spring!
I sort of hope nobody buys these so I can use them all season. :)
Actually, one of my favorite things about this item is that it's
so versatile. It's a place card holder, it's a picture holder,
it's an ornament! Plus, if you use them as place card holders at your
bridal or baby shower, you can also use them as favors.
The guests can just take them home and use them to hold their own pictures!

Would you take a look at these place card holders? I created them
for my new show, "Crafting with Jenni B". We made them
on the first episode. You'll definitely see the instructions on
how to make them here on my blog in the next week or so.
Wouldn't these be the cutest thing sitting at
each place of your next Spring gathering? Yes!!

Ever wonder what my studio looks like? Well, here it is! Half of
it, anyway. I had to take a picture since it was so clean. I have
to admit, this is probably my favorite room in the house. I got
to design it as well as the adjoining bathroom to my own
specifications. It was fun! I love having my very own space to work in.


Bethany said...

love your space and your work! Ice creams, make ice creams! ;)

Rebecca said...

MAGICAL! Love it!

Jenni B said...

Mmmm. Ice cream! I'll have to roll that one around in my brain for awhile!

Anonymous said...
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