Friday, January 18, 2008

New Year = New Opportunities

So much has happened since the last time I've posted...where to begin?

On December 7 I was on LIVE National Television with Martha Stewart herself, making faux tart Christmas tree ornaments. It was truly an experience! Martha was kind and warm for the few minutes I saw here as we were making our treats.

It all started back in October when a producer of the show contacted me through my little Etsy shop. A couple of months, sleepless nights, and overnighted newly developed ideas later, I was in New York City with my mom and in-laws enjoying a new adventure. Being on live television wasn't the most pleasant experience but all the adrenaline made me sort of numb so I was able to perform. Click here to see my Martha Stewart Show footage!

I was only in New York for 2 days and it all seems like a dream now. My mom fulfilled her life long dream of seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and seeing Central Park in the snow. New York City truly is a magical place during the holiday season! Twinkling lights, millions (literally) of shoppers, cold air, and high spirits.

When I returned, it was so much fun to see all of the orders for faux food that were coming in. My mom and I worked day and night for a week solid to get all of the orders in the mail. It was great fun!

After seeing an article in the paper with a picture of me with some of faux treats, I got a call from a local public television station. The man calling thought my desserts were real and wanted me to host a cooking show! After meeting with him and explaining to him that I wasn't exactly the best chef, he offered me my very own crafting show. It will only air once a month at this point in three counties, but I am extremely excited about it.


Bethany said...

Hi there! I have a number of your ornaments and cupcakes and I just watched your clip -- awesome! You are the cutest! Best

Jenni B said...


thedomesticdiva said...

Jenni...I just received my cupcakes and OMG...they are AMAZING!!!!

Next time you're in NYC, let me know...I'd love to share some REAL desserts with you! LOL!

Congrats on your new venture!!!

With friendship,

Crossroads Cottage said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed visiting yours and your website as well. All of your items are so cute - and well, they even look good enough to eat! Congrats on your success as well - Martha Stewart show - WOW!