Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Tiny Cake Selection

These tiny cakes are adorable! They retail for $8.
See them at
Cream De Minthe Tiny Cake

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Chocolate Mousse

Tiny Cake w/Whipped Cream & Fall Berry

Tiny Chocolate Cake w/Buttercream Frosting & Fall Berries

Strawberry & Lime Sherbert Tiny Cake

Strawberry Cream w/Cherry

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Heart Rhinestone

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Rose

Tiny Cake with White Frosting & Red Berries

Tiny Bundt with Buttercream Frosting & Chocolate Dipped Cherry

Tiny Bundt with Whipped Cream & Berry

Tiny Sugared Bundt with Whipped Cream & Rose

Trio of Tiny Cakes

Tiny Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Small Red Berries
Rose-Shaped Chocolate Cake

Tiny Chocolate Cake with Pink Frosting and Sprinkles and a Jewel

Chocolate Cake with White Fluffy Frosting and a Big Red Berry

Tasty Looking Creme Tarts

Creme Tarts - one of my very favorite creations!
The tarts vary in price from $5 - $6 each.
See them at!
Strawberry Cream Tart w/Crystal Ball

Chocolate Mousse and Shiny Star

Chocolate Mousse Drizzled in Chocolate w/Sprinkles & Jewel

Strawberry Cream w/Jewels

Strawberry & Lime Sherbert

Strawberry Cream w/White Flower

The Rose Tart

Buttercream Tart w/Fall Berries

Cream Tart w/Sugared Berries

Triangle Cream w/Berries

Christmas Chocolate Tart

Round Rose Tart

Fluffy White Creme with Small Red Berry

Chocolate Creme with Fall Berries

Carmel Creme with 3 Small Red Berries

Chocolate Creme with 3 Small Red Berries

Carmel Creme with 3 Fall Berries

Chocolate Creme with White Drizzle and a Chocolate Covered Cherry

Carmel Creme with Chocolate Drizzles and Sprinkles

Carmel Creme with Three Small Red Berries

White Creme with Big Red Berry

White Creme with Beads and Fall Berry

Chocolate Creme with Chocolate Drizzle and Chocolate Sprinkles

Chocolate with Chocolate Creme and White and Chocolate Drizzle

Chocolate with White Creme and a Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate with White Creme and Fall Berries

Carmel Creme with a Small Red Berry

Pink Creme with a Jewel

More Pink Cremes

Small Pink Creme

Caramel Creme with a Cherry!

Chocolate with White Creme and a Mini Pumpkin

Cute Little Cupcakes

Cupcakes retail for $7.00
Here are a few that I've made. I can do custom orders too!
Visit to view cupcakes available for purchase online.

Pink w/Large Rhinestone

Sweet Pink with a Rose

Christmas Berries

Grouping of Pink Cherries

White with Roses

Sweet Snowflake
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cherry on Pedestal Plate
White Cherry

Pink and Sprinkly!
Chocolate with a berry!

Plain chocolate with a berry