Friday, October 12, 2007

Delectable Candied Apples

One of my newer creations, the Candied Apple,
was discovered by the Martha Stewart Show in my online shop!
See my shop,, for ordering information.
A Trio of Treats Including a Chocolate Covered Green Apple with Crushed "Candy"

Candied Apple Trio
Green with caramel, red with chocolate, red with red candy pieces.

Red Caramel Apple with Nuts

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cakes

These cakes look gorgeous sitting atop a beautiful pedestal plate. Let me know if you'd like to request a dessert or if you would like meto customize one as a gift or even your own kitchen. Cakes range anywhere from $10 -$60. Purchase your cake now at
Large White Cake w/Silver Adornment

Small White Cake w/Pink Roses

Top of White Cake w/Roses

Large Polka Dot Pink Party Cake
Small Chocolate Cake w/Roses

Small Chocolate Cake w/Roses on Medium Pedestal Plate

Large Whipped Cream w/Strawberry

Top of Large Whipped Cream

Small Whipped Cream w/Strawberry

Small Chocolate w/Strawberry
Top View of Small Chocolate w/Strawberry

Large Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Top of Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Small Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Extra Large Princess Cake with Pink and White Frosting Adorned with Jewels.
Perfect for a Tea Party!

Pink and White Circles with Jewels adorn this White Cake

White and Fluffy Pink Frosted Cake With Large Jewel and Sparkles

Fluffy White Whipped Cream Cake with Strawberry

Small Dark Chocolate Frosted Cake topped with a Cherry

Mmm... Chocolates (All Faux!)

More Chocolates... $4 each.
To see chocolates for purchase in my shop, visit
Pink Bon Bon

Christmas Wreath
Grouping of Chocolate Explosion Chocolates

Variety Box

Red Bon Bon

Green Foil

Red Foil

Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bordeaux

Box of Truffles (free when you purchase 3 chocolates)

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Sugar Baby

Mocha Truffle Ball

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Strawberry Princess

Pink Foil
Strawberry Cream

Chocolate Explosion

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Butter Brickle

Pedestal Plates

This is just a sampling of the Jenni B Original Pedestal Plate collection.
Each plate is made from vintage components and is one-of-a-kind.
Plates range in price from $14 -$45.
Some plates are listed at for immediate purchase.

Blue, White, & Gold Plate w/Gold-Embellished Base

Small Teal Austrian Plate w/Gold Embellished Base

Top View of Austrian Plate

Small Fruit Plate Embellished w/Glass Crystals

Gold and Cream Plates w/Gold-Embellished Bases

Large Gold-Rimmed Flower Plate with Cut Glass Base

Top View of Flowered Plate

Small Apricot-Colored Plate With Iridescent Finish

Medium Rose-Accented Antique Plate With Etched Glass Bottom

Large Dark Red Depression Bubble Glass Plate with Clear Base

Medium French Black Plate with Hobnail Base

Large Crazed Plate with Gold Rim and Pink Rose Decoration

Large Scalloped White Plate with Cut Glass Base

Small Pink Flowery Plate and Clear Base