Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Book Page Garland

This is probably one of the easiest crafts you’ll ever make! It just takes a little time to prep and string the items, but other than that no creative genius is necessary.

What you’ll need:
100 vintage book pages
50 white coffee filters
50 natural coffee filters
2 yards dark brown ribbon
2 yards light brown ribbon
½ yard cream tulle
½ yard light brown tulle
Tapestry needle
1 yard natural postal string or crochet thread

If you would like to substitute any of the above items with items you already have in your craft stash, feel free. The more eclectic, the better!

  1. You’ll start off by prepping all of your materials. Take your book pages and fold them into quarters. That just means fold them in half and then fold them in half again. It looks best if they are not folded perfectly
  2. Crumple a coffee filter into a ball to give it some texture. Flatten it out slightly, fold in half, then fold again. I like to fold it one more time when I’m stringing the filters onto the garland. Repeat with all of the coffee filters.
  3.  For the ribbon, all you need to do is cut it into strips with the ends at an angle. Each piece should be 4” – 5” long.
  4. With the tulle, you will want to end up with 2” – 3” pieces. Really it doesn’t matter if some pieces are bigger than others. I like to fold my tulle several times in the same direction and cut long strips. Then I cut those strips into squares.
  5.  Thread the needle with the same string and knot the end, leaving about 8" of string. Starting with a book page, thread it on. Then a white coffee filter and the dark brown ribbon, followed by the cream tulle. When you put on the ribbon, fold it in half and thread through toward the ends. This way, the loop part will be bigger. Add another book page, then a natural coffee filter, a light brown ribbon and the brown tulle. Repeat until you have used up all of your materials.

     When I hung mine, I just tied the loose ends of the string to some ribbons I had on a frame. You can also tie it to the back of a chair or across a window or mantle.

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