Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cupcakes, Cupcakes Everywhere!

Ok, so my question is this: Am I in Cupcake Heaven or Cupcake Hell? I'm still trying to decide on how I would answer that!

I just completed an order for over 500 jumbo cupcakes for the upcoming Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Chicago, April 11 - 13, for an undisclosed client. This is top secret stuff! Once the show has begun, I can post more about this mystery.

Thankfully, my part is over. I've been working (with some great friends & family) on this monster of a project for the past month. And I'm finally done! I learned lots of great lessons and, overall, had a wonderful time!

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Lisa said...

Wow! I can't decide on the heaven or hell question...that's a toughie! I'm leaning toward the latter because you can't eat any of them and they are so delightfully lovely!