Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Tiny Cake Selection

These tiny cakes are adorable! They retail for $8.
See them at
Cream De Minthe Tiny Cake

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Chocolate Mousse

Tiny Cake w/Whipped Cream & Fall Berry

Tiny Chocolate Cake w/Buttercream Frosting & Fall Berries

Strawberry & Lime Sherbert Tiny Cake

Strawberry Cream w/Cherry

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Heart Rhinestone

Tiny Cake w/Strawberry Cream & Rose

Tiny Cake with White Frosting & Red Berries

Tiny Bundt with Buttercream Frosting & Chocolate Dipped Cherry

Tiny Bundt with Whipped Cream & Berry

Tiny Sugared Bundt with Whipped Cream & Rose

Trio of Tiny Cakes

Tiny Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Small Red Berries
Rose-Shaped Chocolate Cake

Tiny Chocolate Cake with Pink Frosting and Sprinkles and a Jewel

Chocolate Cake with White Fluffy Frosting and a Big Red Berry


Anonymous said...

can you tell me where you get your mini pans and the diameter of the tiny cakes?

Anonymous said...

not because i want to make mini cakes, but because i want to make mini wax food :)

Anonymous said...
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