Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cakes

These cakes look gorgeous sitting atop a beautiful pedestal plate. Let me know if you'd like to request a dessert or if you would like meto customize one as a gift or even your own kitchen. Cakes range anywhere from $10 -$60. Purchase your cake now at
Large White Cake w/Silver Adornment

Small White Cake w/Pink Roses

Top of White Cake w/Roses

Large Polka Dot Pink Party Cake
Small Chocolate Cake w/Roses

Small Chocolate Cake w/Roses on Medium Pedestal Plate

Large Whipped Cream w/Strawberry

Top of Large Whipped Cream

Small Whipped Cream w/Strawberry

Small Chocolate w/Strawberry
Top View of Small Chocolate w/Strawberry

Large Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Top of Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Small Chocolate Decadence w/Cherries

Extra Large Princess Cake with Pink and White Frosting Adorned with Jewels.
Perfect for a Tea Party!

Pink and White Circles with Jewels adorn this White Cake

White and Fluffy Pink Frosted Cake With Large Jewel and Sparkles

Fluffy White Whipped Cream Cake with Strawberry

Small Dark Chocolate Frosted Cake topped with a Cherry

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